Umm... hello my name is Gwen, I have the most lovely girlfriend of all time and my blog is a mess of various fandoms, i am here to listen any time, and am open to answer questions and just talk in general


ok because of tumblr i literally thought dmmd was a fucking gay dating sim

fuck this website

but it is?

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  • what she says: i dont need feminism because im not oppressed
  • what she means: im probably a white middle class hetero woman who has internalized misogyny and i refuse to take off my privilege helmet long enough to consider women of other backgrounds
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can we all talk about Jacks new binder

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when a fandom you’re not in gets an update you don’t care about


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These were made with mirror vinyl (bought from a Chinese seller) over craft foam held together with various glues.

This is the process / tutorial used.

Use the following chart when adhering materials so they stick well:

  • Vinyl front to vinyl front: Super Glue / Krazy Glue
  • Foam to vinyl front: Coat the foam in a very thin layer of hot glue, let it dry, then use Super Glue / Krazy Glue
  • Foam to vinyl backing: Contact Cement / Contact Spray
  • Foam to foam: Hot Glue (or your favorite method…this is my preferred)

Others have used contact cement to hold the foam to the vinyl backing but because contact cement smells like death to me, I prefer the contact spray adhesive instead.

Really love using this method as it’s fast, easy, and light. Luckily, my armor did not have any complex curves because if it did, I would have used Worbla instead.

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It comes with 2 subwoofers 

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i’m going to the humane society to do volunteer work and pet dogs!

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I need to improve my art



reblog for a random drawing

i’ll select a random bunch to do every day

probably between 5-10

If you want a specific character than message me and i’ll draw that character.

Here’s am example of my art (Don’t worry i’ll also colour ur mini doodle)


Don’t have to be following but it’d be nice if you do!! (chances are ur drawing will be cuter)

also i’ll do them all so u don’t have to worry (it might take a while but i dont mind)

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why do so many people seem to take alcohol as roxy’s only character trait?

  • roxy lalonde is an expert computer hacker
  • roxy lalonde enjoys playing retro videogames
  • roxy lalonde is a writer (a very satirical one)
  • roxy lalonde raised herself and takes care of a townful of carapaces

and all you can come up with is ‘bottle of wine’??

lets also not forget she can fluently read morse code 


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Eren Jaeger, the leading male protagonist of the popular anime Shingeki no Kyojin, holds a personal vendetta against all titans and is determined to annihilate them from the earth.

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this panel is all i care about tbh

is that troll satsuki?
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You don’t know what they’re teaching at that new school of his but you don’t hate it.

It takes about two days for your construction paper stock to become entirely depleted and every cup in the kitchen has been converted to make-do vases. The living room has grown into a wild, colorful paper garden that you can chill and drink your coffee in, using a cereal bowl.

Paper flowers follow up to this picture for Emme

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